The Farm Visit


(by Alex, aged 12)

On a cold, wet Wednesday morning there was 4 boys doing stinky jobs, but there was 4 lovely people who work on the farm. Their names are Rebekah, Caitlin, Louise and Ged. These 4 people always look after the chickens, pigs, alpacas and their dogs.

The 4 stinky boys always feed and clean the alpacas and chickens as it is the best job in the world.

The 4 stinky boys have a lovely lunch by the fire. A dinner break with the 4 lovely people.

Then the 4 stinky boys help the 4 lovely people to make, create and setup what they are asked to do by the 4 lovely people.

The 4 stinky boys love the farm and always want to come back to the best farm in the world with the best staff in the world.

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