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Alternative Provision

Providing nature centred activities that help children to develop essential social and emotional skills to engage with school and learning


Here at Hall Farm Eastoft we provide a range of bespoke activities to enable children to improve well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem and develop essential social and emotional skills. 

Learning how to handle our animals helps children to understand the importance of care, quiet and team work to provide a healthy and calm environment for our alpacas, chickens and pigs. 

Helping in our garden area helps children to understand the importance of healthy eating, how to grow food, and how to work with others to develop their social and emotional skills. 

Accessing the natural environment, either by learning about our farm activities or by understanding how nature works is known to help children (and adults) understand and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 

To learn more about providing a mentally healthy environment for children visit mentally healthy schools web page.


Hall Farm Eastoft can assist young people to 

· Learn and explore the natural environment 

· Feel, express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions 

· Form and maintain good relationships with others 

· Develop resilience and skills to thrive 

· Cope with, and manage change and uncertainty 

· Build self-confidence and self-esteem

Since working with the care farm we have witnessed the enthusiasm of the youngsters that are lucky to attend - their willingness to share their experiences with staff in school and the knowledge that they are gaining about the workings of a farm...The students return to school very calm and ready to engage in learning following their visits and experiences with the animals that are there.
— Deputy Head, SEN school

School Visits

Hall Farm provides never-ending ‘hands on’ learning experiences for all ages and abilities and ensures all learning is linked to the curriculum based on the schools requirements

Our school trips follow the school curriculum and are tailor made with advice from active teachers. We can alter trips to any age group and any lesson, from science to business, to art and local history.

About School Visits:

School visits are hosted by a dedicated farm team who link all your school and child’s needs to the curriculum.

Benefits for children attending school visits include:

  • Increases the amount of physical activity that children engage in.

  • Improves children’s communication skills and social competence.

  • Teaches responsibility and improves sensory and motor skills.

  • Develops listening and social skills which can help improve confidence.

  • Teaches children about how food goes from farm to fork.

  • Develops children’s knowledge of the environment and why it is important to care for the environment and things that live amongst it.

  • Improves children’s critical and problem-solving skills.


School packs, safeguarding and health and safety policies are available by contacting us

Growing Minds

Engaging with young people and adults on our working farm, empowering them to develop skills to enrich their learning, wellbeing and social life