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(by Alex, aged 12)

In my school week I get the chance to go off site once a week with two other pupils. We go with Mr Hall to Hall Farm in Eastoft.


I enjoy going because its fun and you can feed the animals and its a good experience to work at a farm.

Some of the things we do are a bit messy like cleaning the animals out. We have to shovel the poo and move it away.

When it is raining it is very messy and smelly. When its warm and sunny I think it will be even more smelly.

One of the good things is we get to feed the animals. We can get really close to them. My favourite is the alpacas. We also look after them and stroke them.

We take the old hay out of the chicken coop and the chickens lay eggs, then we need to collect them.

There are a few different animals, the pigs are the smelliest out of all the animals.

We have to wear overalls to not get our clothes mucky and stinky. We also have to wear boots as it is very dirty at the farm.

When we have lunch we go inside a farm house where there is a fire, where it is warm and we all have lunch together and chat.

After dinner we check on the baby chicks and we feed them food and water.

I work with a person called Rebekah. She is fun and she tells me how to do it.

Drawing of Shaun by Lewis

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