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I am Gemma, I'm 21 and I've been coming to the farm for about 9 months. I love dogs, America and food, and i'm a bit crazy- the best people are!

I first came to Hall Farm to get out more and to get more confident. I'm getting out more and going places with family and friends, as well as coming to the farm once a week.

At the farm, I feed all the animals, clean them out, collect eggs, walk the alpacas, cook meals, plant vegetables, help out at open days, and help out with jobs. It makes me feel happy.

I never used to cook but I cook at home now. My dad trusts me now that I've learnt at the farm. My favourite thing to cook is omelette, and I don't eat much mcdonalds now!

I feel good about coming to the farm, I feel much happier now and more confident.

In the future I would like to lose some weight for holiday by eating healthy food and walking the dog more. I'd like to help more at open days and at Farm Club. I'm looking forward to helping shear the alpacas again.

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