Friendly Fun Farm!

With after school clubs starting next week, we thought it was the perfect time to tell the world what Farm Club is all about!

This week, we’ve asked Farm Club to tell you all about what they get up to! We’ve loved reading through these so hope that you will too!


Friendly, Fun Farm

Farm Club encourages you to try new things. All the staff are kind on friendly. All the animals are fun to play with especially Miley the alpaca.

On the farm there are lots of staff. Some of them you don’t see as much as the others because they have work to do around the farm. The names of the staff: Farmer Mark, Caitlin, Debbie, Abbi, Rebekah, Ged and Louise.


  1. Always listen to instructions

  2. Always close the gates behind you

  3. Always wash your hands after touching the animals and before eating

  4. Stay with a member of staff at all times

  5. Be kind and respectful to the animals, the instructors and eachother

Some of the activities you can do include: feeding the alpacas, gardening, art and so much more. My favourite is art but i also like playing with Miley.


Hall Farm it’s really fun, amazing and we have rules but the rules still make it fun. We learn abuot bees food and animals. There are honey bees like we have at Hall Farm, we have a store and we have honey.

Sugarbeet makes Silver Spoon which is a kind of sugar. They grow wheat, potatoes, straw and hay. They grow lots of food.

We have alpacas, chickens and pigs. We feed the alpacas and go to the pigs, and when we walk we see chickens.

Farm is where you can enjoy your time.



All About Farm Club

Alpacas like food and water.

Bees make honey for people. Dont hurt bees.

Little pigs need a lot of food and water to make them big.

We try honey and eat it. Bees can make a lot of honey every day 7 days of the week.

We have a good time at the farm.

Emily and Annabelle

Fantastic Fun Farm

Hall Farm s a fun place to go because there are lots of things to do like feeding the animals. The animals there are very nice.

Everyone is also very nice like Rebekah, Abbi, Debbie, Ged, Caitlin and Louise, They are very nice.

There are some girls alpacas and boys. The boy alpacas are seperate to the girls. The boy alpacas will bite you (they won’t!) so you put the food in a tub but you can feed the girls by hand.

Sometimes Rebekah takes us on trips on a tractor.

After school Farm Club runs every Thursday 3.45pm-4.45pm for just £3 a session. It’s open to children aged 5 and over.

Holiday clubs run every Wednesday and Thursday of the school holidays from 9.30am-3pm and is £20 per session, and is also open to children aged 5 and over.

To book places on either club, call Caitlin on 07715 215718 or email