All About Alpacas

A lot of the people that visit us love meeting the alpacas! They’re friendly, cute, and calming to be around!

Our visitors including Farm Club, Ongo, Mind and Alternative Provision pupils do their bit to help look after them including feeding, mucking out, giving medicines and maintaining their shelters. On nice days, we love to walk them too!

One of our alternative provision pupils returned from his summer off this week, and as it was a nice day and he had the farm all to himself, we decided to do all his favourite things with them!

At home, he likes to draw things from the farm, and if he’s upset, he likes to spend time with the alpacas to collect his thoughts, and he has a real bond with them!

In the morning we sat together in the orchard and drew the girls. They came and stood in front of us like models for the whole time we drew them!

Screenshot (2).png

We did some mucking out and feeding before walking a pair of the boys. We went a different route to usual, and bumped in to a big wild fox! One of the alpacas got really scared of it, and pulled away from his handler, but the pupils fast reactions meant he was caught straight away! We weren’t expecting the fox, but i bet he wasn’t expecting us either!

Our pro alpaca handler from Tuesday comes twice a week and said this about his time here:

“Doing stuff with the alpacas is my favourite thing to do. We feed them, we muck them out and take them for a walk. We do the pig pens, jet washing tractors and gardening”


Alternative provision allows us to plan person centred activities for school pupils who struggle in classroom settings for a number of reasons.

We work closely with a number of schools to ensure we can offer what is best for the pupil at all times.

Socialising with children from other schools and spending time outdoors, connecting with animals, and working on meaningful projects often helps to regulate behaviour and eventually get a better school experience within the classroom too.

If you’re a teacher who may find alternative provision with Hall Farm Eastoft beneficial for one or more of your pupils, contact Abbi on 07715 215718 or to discuss options or to arrange a visit.

Private alpaca walks are available for the public. Contact Caitlin on 07715 215718 to enquire.