Farm Club Blogs

Farm Club have been so busy learning lots about farming, food and animals. This week they’ve been writing all about the things they’ve been doing and what they’ve learnt over the summer.

We’ll be posting these blogs over the next few weeks for you to read.


All About Farm Club


We feed them and give them water. We can also stroke them but don’t sneak behind them because they might kick. It’s important to look after them.

Fruit and Veg

We grow lots of fruit and veg like potatoes, sugar beet and apples, and some others. The sugar beet that we grow only makes Silver Spoon. Sometimes we can take some home or look at how much we’ve got.


We grow loads of wheat. How we make flour is you use a combine harvester which has big blades at the front of it and chops it about. The grain rubs together and gets turned in to flour. They only use the grains so the bits that don’t get used gets turned in to bales of straw.

Hay and Haylage

They sound similar but are different. Hay is dry but haylage isn’t. Haylage is just wet grass, hay is dry grass. Haylage is kept in plastic so it doesn’t dry out and hay isn’t. We feed both to the animals.


The Amazing Fun Farm!

Farm Club is an amazing place! Farmer Mark lets lots of people come to the farm to have fun. By the way Farmer Mark owns this place called Hall Farm.

On the farm, we have lots of adults. Farmer Mark the owner, Rebekah, Louise, Caitlin, Abbi, Debbie are all helpers to keep us safe. Ged helps Mark around the farm.


  1. Always listen to instructions

  2. Always close the gates behind you

  3. Always wash your hands after touching the animals and anything dirty

  4. Stay with members of staff at all times

  5. Be kind and respectful to the animals and each other

  6. In an emergency meet on the front lawn


On the farm we have many crops. The crops are wheat, barley, potatoes and sugar beet. All these crops are homemade by Farmer Mark, Rebekah and Hannah. Also, many different staff help with the crops. We use combine harvesters and teleporters to travel back and forth with the crops. Many people love the crops.

Farm Club runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays through all school holidays (based on North Lincolnshire dates) from 9.30am-3pm. During term time, it runs on Thursdays from 3.45pm-4.45pm. During the holidays Farm Club is £20 per child, and during term time it is £3 per session.

Farm Club is open to children over the age of 5.

To book places, call us on 07715 215718 or email us on