What do we get up to?!

By BC aged 12

In Hall Farm I was feeding the alpacas and I went to the bees, I was a bit scared but when you get to know them it is good. You get to do lots of stuff with the pigs, and I come twice a week and i do lots of cooking in the kitchen, my favourite thing is apple crumble at hall farm. I have been here a long time and it is good and it helps me in school because it helps me focus on my learning and it helps me get involved with groups. If you like to be a football player you have to be a good team player like Abbi. If you get hurt you have lots of people to help you all the people in hall farm is good people. I do take the pigs out of there pens if theyre poorly. I like helping on farm jobs and walk the alpacas and help with the tractor.

Caitlin Hall Farm