Meet the new team members!

As a few regular visitors to the farm may have noticed, we have some new members of the team!

We’ve had such an influx of clients in the last few months, that Debbie and Abbi have joined us to help carry on the success! If you see them around- say hi!

Debbie has joined us from a local primary school, and has almost 10 years experience working with young children. She’s our new delivery coordinator and is taking a lead in making sure activities are planned well for the care farm and Farm Club. So far she’s got lots of resources together to make sure we always have jobs or activities ready to go. She’s also spent lots of time getting to know Farm Club, and is looking forward to meeting the pupils on alternative provision in September.

Abbi is our new client service lead, and will be in contact with all the schools we work with to ensure activities are focused on a person centred approach. As a qualified SEN teacher, she will make sure all our services are tailored to match each individuals needs, and will work with each client to work towards achieving their goals.

Abbi and Debbie

Abbi and Debbie

Rebekah has been working on a fast turn around of pigs this week, but will have more time to spend with clients next week. Caitlin has been working with our adult clients and Farm Club recently, hunting for and recording mini beasts, setting up pig bedding and looking after the alpacas.

The expansion of the team is very welcome with all of us at Hall Farm Eastoft, meaning we all have much more focused roles within the business, allowing us to carry on growing. The support of the clients and organisations we work with has got us to this point- so thank you!

With a busy summer of farm club, and an even busier September of alternative provision, we all have a lot to keep up with! We’re working on various large projects that all our clients will be involved in down the line. The physical space is evolving every day, but the work will never be done!

Debbie, Abbi and Caitlin can all be contacted on or 07715 215718.