The sun is finally out!

The sun is finally out, and the alpacas have been loving it!

The alpacas have finally been sheared, and they’re loving sunbathing in the fields! They have lots of yummy grass to eat after being inside with hay and animal feed for a few days! Our favourite kind of break is one where we get to sit and watch the alpacas play in the grass and sunbathe!

Cella enjoying some yummy grass

Cella enjoying some yummy grass

It’s a good job the alpacas are okay with us after being sheared, because they’ve had an alpaca experience this week, and have another group coming to meet them this weekend!

Getting sheared isn’t their favourite thing ever- it doesn’t hurt them, but they just don’t really know whats going on. They all have different reactions- Lauren gets upset, and Freddie takes a nap!

We are almost finished with our signage for Open Farm Sunday! They look so much better than some of our previous ones, and we’re hoping we can use them again next year. We’ve upcycled some old pallets from ours and a neighbouring farm for them and they look great!

The new signage goes along with a lot of interactive activities we’ve been working on to help us teach all about how we produce food on the farm, and the role we play in agriculture.

We’re so excited to show you everything we’ve been working on, and open our gates to even more of you this year!

Open Farm Sunday is only 3 weeks away now! It felt like a good time to meet with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to chat about what wildlife is in the area now, and what they’re going to do with you on our open day! They really have got some treats lined up!

Before we even get to Open Farm Sunday, we have half term! Farm Club will be learning all about honeybees, see them working in an observation hive, taste honey, and learn all about what they can do at home to help the bees!

The following day, they’ll get to go on a trailer ride, and learn all about the rest of the wildlife in the area. It’s a great time of year for regular farm clubbers to see how the crops change through the seasons.

Farm Club is always busy when it’s sunny, so don’t forget to book places! They’re just £20 per person, with a 9.30am drop off, and 3pm collection. All they need is a pack up and suitable clothing, and we sort the rest! Send us a message to book places!