Early Intervention and Working With Young People

Last week, Humberside Police brought along the young people they work with through their Early Intervention scheme.

The team works with children and families to tackle problems before they become bigger and less manageable. Some of the intended outcomes are that people feel and are safe, have improved futures, and that they have good health and emotional well-being.

Providing the services in specific locations could help reduce poor diet, drug use and violence in the future. You can find out more about it here.

The work the team do with families and young people is amazing, and you can see the benefits on the children immediately after meeting them. They’re excited, happy, and very inquisitive! The staff all had a brilliant relationship with the young people they work with, and there’s certainly mutual respect between all of them.

We’ve never had so many questions at the end of a visit! The group definitely gained understanding of how food ends up on our supermarket shelves, and all the hard work that goes in to it from farmers around the country.

The team arrange visits and days out as rewards for positive actions and behaviours, with the hope that not only will they have a great day out, but it will have a lasting impact and raise aspirations for the future.

A number of the children this week had lots of questions about the animals and said they’d love to work with animals or on a farm in the future.

We fed the alpacas, planted lavender in the garden, harvested fresh vegetables to take home, and saw all the pigs, learning all about where our food comes from.

Some of the girls meeting Freddie, Otis, Kieran, Sidney, Sean, Paul and Dele Alli

Some of the girls meeting Freddie, Otis, Kieran, Sidney, Sean, Paul and Dele Alli