Back to 'normal' after the school holidays!

Whatever ‘normal’ is, we’re back to it after the Easter holidays, and a gloriously sunny (and long) Easter weekend!

It was a funny feeling getting back on the farm after 4 days off, I was starting to think a four day weekend was too much!

We had plenty to do on Tuesday with the first of our Alternative Provision pupils back bright and early! He was so pleased to be back, and helped to feed the animals, give the plants and alpacas a well needed drink after all the sun, and also managed to slip in giving the adults a hose down too! His favourite thing at the farm is all the animals, and loves helping to feed, muck out and walk them.

On Wednesday evening, the wonderful teenagers at our teenage farm club helped to weed a large flower bed in the village that belongs to us. It’s a massive space, and had some perennials and bedding plants put in, along with some wildflower seeds last year. It’s gone a bit overgrown this year with so much going on, but we’re ready to take on the challenge of tidying it up!


There is so many beautiful flowers in there, but they’re overshadowed by some massive weeds, unwanted grass, and greedy wildflowers taking up all the space.

We made a good start on Wednesday evening, but there is still plenty to do on it! Once it’s weeded, we can get started moving some plants and adding new ones in too. It will be their project for the next few weeks, and will help make our village look even more beautiful!

We’ve been busy working on more Open Farm Sunday plans- look out for the banners on the main road! We’ll be announcing more details over the next few weeks about what activities we have planned, so keep up to date on the blog and on our Facebook page!

Next week we have one of our care farmers; more alternative provision pupils joining us; Farm Club on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings; and a visit from our local well-being hub.

Farm Club will be working on our front garden, kitchen garden, and village flower bed, as well as doing some DIY and alpaca care! We have fingers and toes crossed for lots of sun and a little bit of rain!

We also have lots of produce and grow at home plants available for purchase including basil, coriander, chives, fresh rhubarb, tomato plants, and loads more! Send us a message to see what’s available daily and to order.